Volume 6 Issue 4 ( December 2021)
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01 2D SLAM and Path Planning for Indoor Search and Rescue Using Multiple Mobile Robots
Saqib Mehmood, Bing Qiao
02 Research on Ship Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning Approach
Rana Muhammad Usman, Junhua Yan, Imran Qureshi
03 Framework for Evaluation of IT Controls in Auditing
Eugenio Fernández, Antonio Moratilla, Carlos Mir, Alvaro F. Narciso
04 Architecture for Mobile Application Integration on ERP with VRP for the Logistic Sector
Antonio Moratilla Ocaña, Eugenio Fernández Vicente, Álvaro F. Narciso, Gino Cocolo Rodríguez
05 Approach for Refining Segmentation Using Saliency Map
Simo Tchinda Carrel Rostand, Wang Huaming

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