Volume 7 Issue 5 ( May 2022)
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01 Corridor Sterilization Device Based on STM32
Lin-Han Cheng, Xin-Guang Zhang, Chun-Yan Zhang, Peng Cheng, Wan-Jia Sheng
02 Integrated Plug-in for Blind Spot Cleaning and Scene Disinfection based on Sweeping Robot
Hao Li, Meihua Zhang, Ying Lu, Haoyu Wen, Wanglin He, Yunzhuo Liu, Yecui Yan
03 Autosar Compliant Model-Based Static Resource Analyzer
Berkay Saydam
04 Comparative Study of Purity of Different Samples of Water by Sterilization Method
Beena Kumari KS, Krishnaveni, Linisha S Kumar, Nandana Krishnan M, Meenu Sundar, Megha Krishna K P

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