Volume 8 Issue 10 ( December 2023)
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01 Strategic Locations of Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities Utilizing Mixed-Integer Linear Programming and Genetic Algorithm Models
Antonio Moratilla || Eugenio Fernández || Ángel Álvarez || Alvaro F. Narciso
02 Exploring the Landscape of Punjabi to Bharati Braille Translation: A Comprehensive Examination of Challenges and Prospects
Harshita Samota || Dr. Nisheeth Joshi
03 Inconsistency of ℕ from a not-finitist point of view
Enrico Pier Giorgio Cadeddu
04 Prediction of the Number of Days for Sale in the Real Estate Asset Market
Antonio Moratilla || Eugenio Fernández || Ángel Álvarez || Álvaro F. Narciso
05 Analysis and Study on Residue of Florasulam in Wheat by Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Ali Samil || Tamer Ustuner
06 Advances in Surface Weaving Technology
Dekun Song || Jian Zhang
07 Current state of the art in the application of laser technology in material processing
Zhiyuan Zhang || Jian Zhang || Sen Zhang
08 Progress in the Application of Laser Processing Technology in the Field of Aerospace Materials
Zhiyuan Zhang || Jian Zhan || Sen Zhang
09 Economic Valuation of Marine and Fishery Resources in Tikus Island, Bengkulu City
Zamdial || Dede Hartono || Octianto Syahputra
10 Matching of Archaeologically Fragmented 2d Objects Using Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Methods
Gurel Yildiz || Nevcihan Duru

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